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Hi, we are Mesitas, a group of videogame students that joined for the first time for Ludum Dare 41. The topic of the jam was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres".

We decided to combine Rythm games with strategy ones like Checkers.

Its a pvp where 2 players have to defeat the enemy team on a small checkers board. For this, they have to move to the oponent and fight them. For doing an action, you have to make a fast combo on a rail, where one of the buttons you have to press is the action you want to do.

The game has a vaporwave esthetic with some famous characters and their dances, like Drake with Hotline Bling or Carlton's dance.

We made this game to have fun and laught at the crazy idea, i hope we can pass those feelings to you, so you players have a good time with us.

Thanks for reading this, enjoy the game :)

Actualization 1: Unfortunately, due to programming errors, we are providing a demo with some bugs and not everything polished. We will continue updating this demo.


DanceWave.zip 26 MB

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